Coping with Disrupted Learning

Disrupted learning is an ongoing problem in our classrooms, and it can be difficult to cope with disregulated, disruptive students. Room clears have become the new normal, mostly because teachers feel helpless to do anything due to the restraint and seclusion law. However, the legislature recently enacted changes to the law. Here is how to learn more.

Senate Bill 963

OEA members successfully helped to pass Senate Bill 963 this year, updating the state’s restraint and seclusion law to ensure student and educator safety and dignity in schools. This law change was based on the OEA “Crisis of Disrupted Learning” report, published earlier this year. The new law is now in place! It clarifies when educators can appropriately use protective physical interventions and restraint when serious incidents occur. Hear from OEA General Counsel Adam Arms and OEA Consultant Erin Whitlock about the most significant changes in the law, how to ensure student and staff safety, and hear answers to the most common questions about restraint and seclusion. You can register for the webinar here.

Trauma-Informed Practice Webinar

The Oregon Education Association has an ongoing series of webinars on trauma-informed practice. The series kicked off on October 22nd with Trauma Basics, and it will pick up again on December 2nd with Behavior Interventions. Further dates are: January 16th, Co-Regulation Skills; February 26th, Core Interventions for Trauma; April 7th, Self-Care; and May 14th, Trauma Informed Practices and SEL. All webinars are at 4pm. You can register here.

Look for recordings of the webinars on our Facebook page the day after.

Third Thursday

Join us at No Rails Ale House at 4pm on November 21st for a fun, relaxing time with fellow teachers. Decompress, enjoy a beverage, and get a bite to eat–snacks are on the association. More socials will be forthcoming–stay tuned.

Play Bingo with us!

Our early career educators received Bingo cards at our New Teacher Luncheon. Regardless of how long you have been in the profession, you can play GAEA Bingo too! Cards are available at the UniServ office (2885 Cedarwood Ct SE), as well as meetings, trainings, and socials, so be sure to pick one up and join the fun.

Wear in the World is GAEA?

Follow our Instagram at @greateralbanyea, Twitter at @albany_teachers, and like our Facebook page, wear your GAEA shirt on your fall adventures, and share your pictures with us to win prizes! Contest is open to current members only. 

Important Dates
School Board, Nov. 18th, 7pm, District Office
Executive Board, Nov. 20th, 4:30pm, UniServ Office

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