MOU Approved

Members, district leadership, and the school board all approved the workload relief MOU as presented. Highlights include:

  • Staff will receive a sick day for their booster shot. If you already received your booster and had to take a sick day due to your adverse reaction, you will be refunded a sick day retroactive to October 1st.
  • Observations: 2 for 1st and second year teachers, 3 for 3rd years, 1 for teachers on cycle
  • No cap for prep coverage. Prep coverage will be cashed out at the semester and the end of the year for the value of a personal day in half or full day increments
  • Wednesdays are adjusted to have 3 out of 4 clear of commitments. Staff may continue to participate in additional PD for compensation
  • The district and association will work together to develop clear, consistent, and transparent policies and procedures for discipline, restraint, and managing extreme student behavior
  • Class combinations in K-5 will be used as a last resort due to spacing requirements. If classes are combined, teachers will receive 2 hours of committee pay
  • March 28th has been converted to a staff workday and President’s Day will be a non-contract day instead of inclement weather makeup
  • The teacher contract year will be extended to 192 days with compensation for the additional day
  • If 1 inclement weather day occurs, it will not be made up.
  • If 2 inclement weather days occur, the student year will end Friday, June 17th. 
    • Staff will have the opportunity to check out that afternoon.

Workload MOU

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